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Sivota in Thesprotia is one of the most picturesque seaside resorts in Epirus, in the coasts of Ionian Sea. It is located only at a half - hour distance from Igoumenitsa (capital of the prefecture of Thes-protia) - almost 25 km.. It is one of the most known resort in the whole region. At a distance of 60 km. is located the international airport of Aktio with flights from and to European countries. Sivota is located in an idyllic natural landscape: Green hills around a magnificent bay, islands resembling to the norwegian fjords, crystall waters and unspoiled beaches. All these justify absolutely the fact that Sivota is an attraction for thousands of tourists, greeks and foreigners, every year.

The region is known from the ancient times, because the historical research relates the islands in the Bay of Sivota with the referring term of «Sivota Islands» from Thucydides. According to the records of Thucydides, in this region took place in 433 b.C. a battle between Corfu and Corrinth during the Peloponnesian War. The magnificent beaches of Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Vraka etc., the organised marina for boats and the exceptional touristic infrastructure attract many tourists, greek and foreigners, offering many choice of relaxation, such as divings, sailing and jour-neys to Paxos Island, Parga and the villges around.

Here in Sivota, you will find for your accommodation the apartments complex «Niriides», ready to offer you the best services and satisfy your every need.